The Next Three Days trailer (11/19 release)

Here’s a trailer for the newest effort from writer/director Paul Haggis.  I know Crash got a lot of backlash, but in order for that to happen it first had to achieve a lot of success; and there are many, many films out there that have tried to do things similar to Crash and failed abysmally by comparison.  In general, Haggis is a superb scribe who’s economy of language hearkens backs to old Hollywood.  There’s a reason he got the job rebooting Bond with Casino Royale, and there’s a reason that film was as successful as it was.  Haggis’ talent is also on display in In the Valley of Elah, a film that walks a tightrope of political leanings, but does so with an incredibly tight and spare script.  The Next Three Days is a remake of a highly-touted French thriller named Pour Elle which I hear is fantastic.  Unfortunately, the original is not even available from Netflix.  But that’s probably okay, because I’m sure Haggis has done a bang-up job.  He’s got Russell Crowe as the lead, and while it’s the sort of role that might benefit from someone a bit more of an everyman, it’s also the sort of role that finds Crowe working to his greatest strengths as an actor.  Of course, Elizabeth Banks is always solid, and Liam Neeson seems to be bringing along a bit of the grizzled action authenticity he’s earned with the likes of Taken and The A-Team.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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