Drive Angry trailer (2/25 release)

What the what?  When I feature a trailer on this blog, I usually keep it to movies that look really spectacular, and more often than not, trailers for films that the average moviegoer might not be aware of.  Obviously, this is neither.  Yet it does look amazingly spectacular…ly… awful… in all the best ways.  First of all, let’s agree that Nic Cage has become an absolute laughing stock.  I can’t think of a peformance he’s given that was genuinely good since Adaptation, and to find one before that you’d have to go back a number of years, possibly to Leaving Las Vegas.  Somewhere along the line Nic Cage decided he was done with being a serious actor, and that it was just as much of an artisticly noble pursuit to be a Looney Tunes character.  Sure it worked in  the Coen brothers’ brilliant Raising Arizona, but finding different ways to be irreverent has simply because as tiresome and phony as that receding, shoulder-length haircut.  But… witness Drive Angry.  This may very well turn out to be the crown jewel in Cage’s lifelong pursuit of extravagant self-indulgence.  It appears to be everything Tarantino and Rodriguez were attempting to update with Grindhouse, but, particularly in Tarantino’s case, failed terribly at.  Drive Angry is exploitation cinema 2011 style, and looks to be a lot of ridiculous dumb fun and an entire movie that organically branches out from the ludicrousness that has become Nic Cage.  I just hope this thing doesn’t end up being simply a really bad movie.  I want a fistful-of-popcorn-munching masterpiece of the craptacular, and so far everything looks good to go with the accelerator pressed firmly against the floor mat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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