Your Highness trailer (4/8/11 release)

There’s a story that when this movie was being pitched to executives and Danny McBride referenced Krull in describing their intentions, he was stopped and told never to mention Krull again.  Let’s face it, Krull was sometimes inspired, but also a piece of 80s mediocrity that never even lived up to its own expectations.  Yet the influence of Krull here is quite clear.  I hope that David Gordon Green pulls this one off.  I’ve been aware of this film for some time now and have anxiously been awaiting its release date.  There’s some inspired casting here, including Natalie Portman as she’s never quite been seen before (no pun intended).  And I’m always up for something that lets James Franco loose, even though as the straight man, how loose he gets remains to be seen.  If I was still a college stoner, I’m sure I’d have a good time with this regardless of how rough its edges are.  But as someone who will be seeing it sober, I require a higher level of quality these days, even from my dumb fun– especially from my dumb fun.  Fingers crossed and expectations lowered.  Motherfucker.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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