A Walk Among the Tombstones trailer (9.19.14 release)

This may look like just another Liam Neeson thriller, but I’m interested in it for several other reasons.  First off, it’s been in development for about 10 years, and at one point was set to star Harrison Ford with D.J. Caruso directing.  Second, it co-stars Dan Stevens, who’s been making some pretty interesting choices post-Downton Abbey, and Ruth Wilson of Luther.  Third, it’s an adaptation of a Lawrence Block novel.  And perhaps most importantly, Scott Frank has adapted the screenplay and directed the film.  Frank wrote the Kenneth Branagh film Dead Again and the Jodie Foster film Little Man Tate, he adapted both Out of Sight and Get Shorty, and he directed the Joseph Gordon-Levitt film The Lookout.  The combination of Frank and Neeson working from Block source material has me hopeful that this will be a high point among the recent Neeson action offerings.


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  1. Lawrence Block source material from eighteen years ago, and a character who was set up twenty years before that. Block has been imitated six ways from Sunday and I’m really not sure he stands out any more.

    • I saw it Friday night and enjoyed it… it’s better than The Equalizer in my opinion, and worth watching. It may not reinvent the genre or anything, but it’s a solid crime thriller.

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