The Maze Runner trailer (9.19.14 release)

Whether or not this will be any good remains to be seen.  I’ve heard that the novel it’s based on is pretty poorly-written (and though I haven’t read the books, I’ve read plenty of examples that support that claim).  Also, the director is an unknown quantity– his previous projects are all animation shorts.  But the cast has a lot of young actors, like Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter, who have really impressed me in the past.  And the trailer intrigues me and has my attention.  I suppose whether the film is any good may depend largely on the strength of the adaptation and how much they were able to improve on the novel, as well what Wes Ball can do as a director.  But Divergent and The Giver looked laughable just from the trailers; this doesn’t.


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  1. Depends on whether the scriptwriter and director loved the book, I guess. If they did, and they just copy out what looks like a by-the-numbers plot into a new medium, it’ll be dull; if not, if they loosen up and let the actors do the whole acting thing, it might work.

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