Whiplash trailer (10.10.14 release)

Just saw this the other day at TIFF, and loved it.  It’s so well done and has such energy behind it that it feels like it’s about 20 minutes long.  Miles Teller should probably get an Oscar nom for his performance, but I have a feeling that probably won’t happen. He’s just not a big enough name yet, and there are plenty of other higher-profile names that will likely, and perhaps comparatively undeservedly, take all of the nomination slots.  A supporting nod for J.K. Simmons may be more realistic.  But no matter, don’t deprive yourself of this wonderful film when it releases in October, and check out both the trailer and the additional clip below for a taste.

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Kill the Messenger trailer (10.10.14 release)

An impressive cast, an incredible true story… but what has me most excited is the director, Michael Cuesta.  He works really, really well with actors and has worked with lead Jeremy Renner before in 12 and Holding.  His first feature was the critically-acclaimed L.I.E., and then he found himself working in cable television on the likes of Six Feet Under, Dexter, and Homeland, while making the occasional indie.  With Renner’s current high profile, Kill the Messenger may take Cuesta’s career to the next level, and he’s more than ready for it.

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