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If you enjoy the content of this blog and would like to see it continue and hopefully expand and grow, please consider making a donation.  Unfortunately, time spent here means less time I have available to spend on other things, like earning income. Ideally, I’d like to make enough money from donations to be able to spend 50-100+ hours a week working here.  And every little bit helps build the bridge to that destination.

There’s no great way to set up a PayPal button on a free WordPress site like this one.  If everything grows together with some amount of synergy, I’ll eventually upgrade the site to premium with independent hosting.  At that time I’ll be able to offer variable donation amounts.  Because that’s currently not an option, I’ve simply set up a single donation amount of $5.  Feel free to make that suggested donation whenever you want– once a week, once a month, once a year, or however frequently or infrequently it strikes your fancy.  Just know that the more I receive donations, the more I’ll have time to write film reviews, expand into television, video game, and book reviews, and eventually hire on additional select reviewers.

It doesn’t really matter if a reviewer writes for a huge commercial site or a tiny independent one like this.  All that matters is whether or not you enjoy the articles and the writing strikes a chord with you.  If you happen to enjoy what you read here and would like to help guarantee more of it, please consider a few bucks towards making that a reality.  Thank you!!!

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