Gone Girl trailer (10.3.14 release)

Fincher.  Need I say more?  On top of that, I’m really curious to see Affleck’s acting these days.  You can learn a lot about acting from directing, and he did such a bang-up job with Gone, Baby, Gone and The Town and Argo and has become a pretty great actors’ director.  I think he’s learned that less is more, and I’m curious to see what he does under Fincher’s direction.  I’ve also recently read the book, which is pretty good– I should have a review up for it in the next week at most.  And then there’s Carrie Coon, who’s been killing it lately on The Leftovers.  She’s not who I would have pictured in the role she’s playing, but I’m still very curious to see what she does with it.  That’s true of much of the rest of the cast, from those have been perfectly cast like Neil Patrick Harris and Kim Dickens, to those like Tyler Perry who have been cast somewhat against type but look equally compelling.  I’ve also read that Gillian Flynn has changed the ending somewhat from her novel, and I’m curious to see what she’s changed and how.  Although I really liked the book, there were some things about the ending that didn’t quite work for me, so I’m very interested to find out what’s different in this version.  Hopefully the film will be the better for it.

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